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London Docklands is the semi-official name for an area in east and southeast of the UK capital city London, Docklands as it is know, is in the boroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Greenwich.

London Docklands Online is the web portal for Europe's fastest growing area, providing news and information on London real estate and property in London Docklands. There are links to UK Government and other sources to help investors, property buyers, renters and visitors.

The docks were formerly part of the Port of London, at one time the world's largest port. They have now been redeveloped principally for commercial and residential use. The name "London Docklands" was used originally a UK Government report on redevelopment plans in 1971, however has since become virtually universally adopted. It also created conflict between the new and old communities of the London Docklands.

Properties that are bought in no time at all have something in common with each other – they all make use of the best marketing techniques to bring in the viewers, and the best home dressing techniques to ensure that once they are in, they make an offer for the property. What can you do?

Make sure your estate agent is advertising your property with lots of high definition photographs to really show off your home. If you are advertising it yourself you should undertake a campaign to increase the visibility of your property’s sales website. If you are going this route, you should ensure you do everything you can to show off your product, which is your property.

Once you have the marketing side of things taken care of, you really need to give some thought to how you are dressing your home. Are you making the most of its selling points? Every property has features that make it stand out, while there are also certain common things that people tend to look for in a property, such as extra bathrooms, large and light giving windows, central heating, en-suite bathrooms, room for development and much more besides

If your property has them, you must promote this fact. We are always keen to hear your thoughts about our UK Property Investment website.

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